Myths about future youth work

Many will agree with me that the current generation is fundamentally different from the previous one. These differences are manifested in everything: in relation to the surrounding world, their future profession and work, their surroundings, ways of free time. And each generation has its own myths. We will talk about one of these myths of the current generation, those who are a little over and or under 20 years old, in this article.

Myth # 1. You shouldn't plan anything.

The new generation has grown up during the period of economic crises and have some idea that everything can be lost at one moment. Then the question arises: "Why make long-term plans?"

But it is at this age that the foundation of a future life is laid and a plan for its development in the future is formed. And the clearer it is, the clearer it will be in which direction to move.

Myth No. 2. You need to have an idea of ​​what you want from life.

And before they understand this - years may pass. And life will turn into a continuous dream of an “ideal” place of work.

But you need to understand that you need to try many types of work in order to understand what really suits you. In any case, each job is a personal experience that is necessary in life.

Myth No. 3. The time reserve is unlimited.

The danger of this age is that time seems infinite and something can be postponed for later.

But when you are 20, you need to do as much as possible in the next 10 years, learn new things, try yourself in many professions, self-actualize and remember that time has a peculiarity to flow past us.

Myth No. 4. Bad job - you have to run.

Many are afraid of the difficulties that they will face at work and see the only way out is to urgently change jobs. An angry boss, a bad schedule, a long journey, a small salary, and much more - this is what scares off the modern generation.

But they must understand that the employer makes working conditions for all employees, and not individual for him, and dismissal from work is sometimes not a way out, but an escape from difficulties.

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