Renting an apartment for a day. What should be considered?

If we plan to make a trip, no matter where exactly - to another country, or just to another city - we immediately think about housing. Even if you are planning a family visit or vacation on a tour. Accommodation options in a hotel room or in a rented apartment are studied at the initial stage of planning our trip. After all, the choice of housing in a foreign settlement is a very responsible matter, and it is necessary to take into account various factors. However, no one is immune to real estate fraud. You need to know both the legal basis and the standard tricks of the swindlers. These useful tips are published thanks to the company's website, which has already proven itself well among users looking for an apartment.

The first case - you are renting an already rented apartment, which will be offered to you at a price lower than what is usually offered on the real estate market. In this case, the swindler, who leases the apartment himself, plays the role of its owner.

Usually such a scam involves a one-time profit in a short time. The fraudster rents an apartment, and from the subsequent tenant requires a deposit to cover his rental costs. Subsequently, he even has a profit, and even if the scam does not succeed, he still will not lose.

The main thing for a swindler in this case is to demand an advance payment from you. There are many reasons for this, but the most common of them is the departure of the owners for a long time. This reason can be voiced even when renting for a long time. Under the doors of your rented apartment, you may encounter several more tenants, who were also demanded by unscrupulous swindlers as collateral.

In order to impress the tenant, the swindlers can immediately give you the keys to the apartment. But even that leaves them with a loophole for deception. After all, nothing prevents them from changing the lock on the door after you leave, and you simply will not get to “your” apartment. And even if you have already moved in, it may happen that the relatives of the real owners will come and force you to vacate the occupied premises, since the owners did not warn them that the apartment was rented out to a stranger.

All of the above cases are by no means uncommon. Even databases have been created in which unscrupulous landlords are registered, repeatedly noticed in similar actions and deceiving those who turned to their services. Choose a reputable real estate agency to solve your housing problems in another locality in order to insure yourself against possible troubles. Indeed, in each of them there is a list of the owners of those apartments who have come out of trust as a result of their scams with the rental of housing.

In order to avoid getting into such an unpleasant situation as illegal renting of housing, go to the Internet and find information about the apartment offered to you and its owner, which you can find at the address of the proposed housing given to you. After all, if the owner of the apartment, who contacted you, was noticed in a fraud at least once, information about this will most likely be found. After all, the one who was deceived will definitely post data about the swindler wherever possible. So he will warn others, and he will cut off the "oxygen" for the swindler.

And the last - pay close attention to the documents and take the time to thoroughly check them. Moreover, check not only the documents for the apartment, but also the documents proving the identity of its intended owner. Give money only against receipt. If the landlord is decent, he will offer you this himself, and if he does not want to arrange the transfer of money in a legal way, it is better to refuse the transaction. After all, such reluctance indicates that something is wrong in this situation.