Ideal boyfriend based on girls' statuses

After analyzing the statuses, at last it became clear what the girls want! : D

Ideal papeen first of all should be a beggar. Despite his poverty, he must be capable of some kind of supplies and constantly give flowers, preferably at 101 roses. At least once a week, he must break her jaw. He must be extremely jealous and beat up all the dudes that she knows, and her brothers will sometimes beat him. He should have a good soul, but all he will have to steal her, desirably started asking if she wants to go out for him, and did not expect to answer: "What do you want? And the girls themselves are all very proud, they are "hard to find, easy to lose and impossible to return." The girl in no case should let her know that she likes her, he himself should understand in some magical way, and if not, then he is a brake. Also, after reading some statues, it becomes clear that "if you love, then let go, and if you loved, then you would not let go, but if you let go, it means I never loved, and it is very frustrating to love.