What to drink during a hot period?

When the heat comes, each of us has a question: "What to drink during this period?"

What is the first thing to know?

It so happens that doing active rest or visiting a paintball club in the summer when the heat is exhausting outside. You desperately want to cool this seya with something cold, but you can easily get sore throat. Better give preference to juices, still mineral water and tea. These drinks will make you feel good throughout the day. Keep in mind that they need to be warm. Doctors advise you to drink the liquid a little. Drink in small sips.

Which drinks are beneficial and which are harmful?

The vast majority of people try to get rid of their thirst with kvass. However, drinking it in the heat is dangerous. Naturally, you will stop feeling thirsty. But your kidneys may be damaged.

Hot tea should not be consumed during the sweltering heat. Otherwise, it will have a negative effect on your blood pressure. Epistaxis should not be ruled out either.

As for sweet water, your body will have a hard time absorbing it. In addition, it contains a large amount of preservatives. You should also forget about powdered drinks.

If you feel thirsty, give preference to non-carbonated mineral water. It will have a positive effect on the kidneys and free you from thirst. Don't forget about apple juice.

You can cook sour berry compote in hot weather. Sugar should be put as little as possible. Watermelon can also help quench your thirst.