Interesting and daring guesses about the moon

The moon is a viable planet. If you look through a telescope, you can see amazing things, as if life once happened there, there were structures, buildings, but as a result they were destroyed. And inside her life lived and she moved there. If you study the Moon more often, you might think that this is an inhabited spaceship. A ship that was once in battle (this can be observed on its surface), and as a result, it stopped near our planet Earth. It is possible that the entire crew of this ship still exists, but it is deep inside the moon and does not make itself felt.

More than once UFOs have been seen that passed over the surface of the moon, and also the facts of terraforming and habitation on the surface of the moon is not a person, but something else. The structures that were there were probably destroyed by the inhabitants of this mysterious planet themselves, due to the fact that humanity began to study the moon more and invent new devices that could get closer and closer. This planet has become a station that observes life on Earth.

Every night we see an image in the sky, but no one thinks about what she is, what is in her past, what is her present and what will be in the future. For many years there has been extraordinary activity on the moon. Before humans visited the planet, extraordinary things were observed on it. And until these very times, this extraordinary planet remains a mystery.

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