Dishes of the New Year's table in different countries of the world

New Year's Eve is coming. How many pleasant troubles are ahead related to this holiday. The main pre-New Year's task is to draw up a menu for a festive New Year's table.

The upcoming 2014 according to the Eastern calendar will be held under the Year of the Horse. So what to treat the hostess next year? The horse is not a whimsical animal, herbivore. But you must admit that putting only fruits and salads on the table will not be enough.

Below we list some of the festive dishes served in other parts of the world:

In England, pudding is always served on the festive table; before serving, it is sprinkled with rum and set on fire.

Americans can't imagine a holiday without a turkey. Stuff it with all the products that can be found in the refrigerator.

In Austria and Hungary, schnitzel or fish salad is prepared. Also in Hungary, nut rolls are served.

In Denmark and Sweden, cod is a New Year's dish.

In Germany, the symbol of the New Year's table is herring.

In Israel, they prefer to put apples, dates and honey on the table.

In Holland, toasted donuts and salted beans are on the table.

In France, roasted chestnuts, oysters, cheese and wine are served.

In Poland, there should be a carp dish on the table.

In Romania, Austria and Bulgaria, a special cake is baked. Coins of happiness will be squeezed into it.

In Japan, boiled rice cakes are a must.

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