Advantages and disadvantages of rear-wheel drive

Most modern automobile factories produce front-wheel drive passenger cars. However, there are those whose products are rear-wheel drive. It is worth noting that although it is considered to be outdated, it has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Rear-wheel drive benefits:

- it is more convenient to change gears, since the handle stroke is shorter due to the longitudinal installation of the engine. These cars are not equipped with a rocker device;

- there is no vibration due to the running engine. Due to the fact that the motor is installed longitudinally on the softening elements;

- a car with rear-wheel drive makes it easier to take turns. The reason for this is the reduced turning radius, as well as the front wheels setting only the direction without providing a drive;

- as soon as the gas pedal is pressed, the weight of the machine goes back. The rear wheels, therefore, are pressed to the surface and have high-quality grip;

- skidding is easier to predict, and also to eliminate it by reducing the speed;

Rear wheel drive disadvantages:

- high cost of cars with rear wheel drive;

- Reduction of space in the cabin due to the passage of the cardan tunnel;

- impaired patency in some cases.

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