Animals honor the memory of deceased fellows (Article)

Animal lovers have made a truly unique discovery. It turns out that different types of animals have their own traditions when bidding farewell to deceased brothers.

Animals understand the very fact of death. They can kill in order to feed themselves or to protect themselves. Surprisingly, some animals conduct a kind of funeral when their relatives leave for another world. They even observe small rituals.

At the same time, peacocks, like humans, experience tremendous stress, which in large doses is produced by the body in the form of a stress hormone. They try to expand their social circle when interacting with other individuals. Foxes, on the other hand, bury their companions when they die. For a long time, elephants guard the bodies of deceased relatives, even though they are not relatives.

Blue bush jays, at the sight of a dead calf of their kind, always examine the body to know the fact of death for sure, and make sounds that notify all other jays of this sad event. It looks like a signal of danger, but in fact the birds stop eating for a day, as if observing mourning.

In the society of people, in order to preserve the memory of the deceased for a long time, tombstones are erected, which can be ordered on the manufacturer's website