The amazingly beautiful capital of Hungary - Budapest

Walking through the entire amazing capital of Hungary - Budapest - is simply beyond your power! After all, this time is extremely lacking in order to comprehend all the beauty of the city, its every subtlety, in which a share of ancient history and imperial greatness certainly lives. It is not recommended to travel here by bus, because You need to feel Budapest in the full sense of the word. As a result, choose a full-fledged multi-day tour to Budapest over day trips that tour operator ALIEVA, the leading tour operator in Hungary, has to offer. Such tours usually already include all kinds of excursions to famous places.

In every historical part of the Hungarian capital - Buda, Pest and Obuda, amazing and unique monuments of architecture and history are presented. The vivid imagination of Hungarian architects can only be envied and admired. Church of St. Elizabeth on Rose Square, Matthew Church, Parliament building, Basilica of St. Stephanie ... Of course, it is impossible to ignore the Royal Castle. Its walls have witnessed the change of generations in the royal dynasty for 700 years! Today on its territory there are a lot of interesting museums, among which is the popular Hungarian National Gallery. And besides all this, many interesting things can be seen in the Museum of the History of Budapest, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Applied Arts, etc.

Budapest is the only health resort capital in Europe. In this place, right in the heart of the city, you can find a healing thermal spring. There are just over 25 of them! And more often than not, this is not just a source of mineral water, but delightful baths built many years ago.

You can't visit this wonderful city and not drop by a local restaurant. Although convinced vegetarians are unlikely to be interested there, because Hungarian cuisine is the heart of the meat-eating tradition. In this place, all dishes are cooked in aromatic pork fat. Therefore, going to the Hungarian capital, prepare your stomachs for the strongest test. In addition, the prices in local restaurants are reasonable compared to other European cities.