Music umbrella creating melody from raindrops

The unique musical zon, created by the residents of Burlin, Alice Zappé and Julia Lager, is able to prevent the sound of rain drops falling on its surface during the amazing melody, which can be covered by the weather. This effect is achieved thanks to the 12 piezoelectric sensors built into the fabric of the umbrella, which react to vibration.

This umbrella was invented for participation in the competition of unusual technical devices in Amsterdam. The idea was based on striving to connect ordinary household items with music. The first model of a singing umbrella was made neatly by gluing sensors to the inner surface of the umbrella using ordinary tape. The greatest difficulties arose during the regulation of sensory sensitivity, but we managed to get over this problem as well.

The signal from the sensors enters the microcontroller, which transmits musical sounds to 2 built-in speakers.

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