What is the placebo effect? (Article)

When we are sick, in most cases we turn to doctors who prescribe the necessary medications. Then we go to the pharmacy and buy everything we need. After the purchase, we calm down internally that we will soon be healthy again. When we calm down, we begin the path to recovery, which is called the placebo effect.

Scientists have conducted tests that have shown that this effect, in addition to humans, also affects dogs. They took 10 epileptic dogs and divided them into two groups, one of which was given a real drug, the other a placebo. Both groups got better almost equally quickly.

If you want to improve your sleep situation, then you should not immediately purchase a lot of medications that often act as a placebo, but for a start it will be enough to purchase an orthopedic mattress that is on the website page and already on the first night you will feel the action and unreasonable vigor in the morning.

Many psychologists take advantage of this effect because they know that strong drugs can cause not only addiction or dependence, but also create additional psychological problems. So they prescribe light pills, and patients think that they calm their nerves. In fact, this is self-hypnosis.

Nocebo is an inverse placebo. If we lament in the side effects that a head ache from taking a certain medication, then it will really hurt.