Health Benefits of Tea (Interesting article)

There is a misconception that tea can negatively affect the tooth enamel, destroying both it and the teeth, and lead to caries.

Neither green nor black tea harms the teeth, but contributes to their strength, kills the bacteria causing caries. Black tea also fights well with cholesterol plaques and makes arteries and blood vessels more elastic and cleaner.

If you drink three cups of this drink a day, then the chance of earning a heart attack will be reduced to a minimum. An extra three cups will help prevent osteoporosis. Tea is a more powerful antioxidant than fruits and vegetables.

The tea brew contains tannin, which helps creativity and mental activity, concentrates well, gives calmness and a positive attitude.

To burn 80 calories, you need to drink a couple of cups of green tea. It is also helpful in preventing cancer. Improperly prepared tea is harmful - with an abundance of sugar or very strong (chefir).

We also advise everyone who cares about their health to buy barley - this is a type of cereal that contains a number of useful trace elements that are simply not in our loved ones, buckwheat, semolina ...