How to distinguish a positive psychic from a negative one?

Now people with some kind of paranormal abilities have begun to slowly be recognized by science. A lot of such people have recently divorced. This applies not only to Russia, but the entire globe. They are called bioenergetics and psychics.

Some even have special certificates confirming that they have any bioenergetic qualities and paranormal abilities, so they can diagnose various ailments and then treat them. And these certificates are signed by recognized academicians, for example, A.A. Spirkin, who runs the experimental center of psychology at the Academy of Sciences.

You can also use a lie detector to conduct a short survey on key points, and looking at the reaction, you can try to determine.

It has been established that psychics can work with people only when they have positive qualities that are suitable for treating people. There are also specialists in this area who have only a negative impact on people.

And you can tell them apart by letting them charge water. If the alkalinity of the water has increased, then the psychic is positive, and if the acidity is negative. A patent for this method was issued at one time to A.A. Razin.