Professor from Cambridge believes that the habitat of the dinosaur was water

The British are still looking for answers to many questions related to dinosaurs. They are especially interested in why it is widely believed that these huge animals lived on land. They came to grips with this issue.

Many giant paw prints have been found, but no tail prints have ever been found. But dinosaurs couldn't keep their tails up because it took a lot of energy due to its weight and sheer size. Movement on two legs could not be carried out with a raised tail, because foot and mouth disease could not keep balance and move quickly.

One of the British scientists believes that this would be possible if giant animals lived in the aquatic environment. If we assume that the movement took place along shallow rivers and lakes, then it is quite understandable that only footprints would remain at the bottom. The tail would help swim while staying in the water. It is much easier to move on two limbs in water than on land. And the water used to be warmer, so it could become an ideal living environment for dinosaurs.

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