Ideas that brought in over $ 1 billion

Ideas that brought in over $ 1 billion. Useful information, I think everyone should read it.

1st place - Michel Ferrero and family. Europe. $ 10 billion

Concept: Making chocolate butter for sandwiches and toasts for breakfast, adding chocolate to the daily menu.

Million Dollar Ideas

2nd place - Brad Hughes. $ 5.3 billion

Idea: for the convenience of everyone, to install automatic lockers along the highways.

3rd place - Ralph Lauren. $ 5 billion

The idea: to stick a bright horse label on a regular polo shirt. Call the price $ 50 and then calculate your profit.

4th place - Jeff Bizos. $ 4.4 billion

The idea: to free book buyers from long trips to bookstores in search of the literature they need. Sell ​​books over the Internet.

5th place - Ty Warner. $ 4.5 billion

Concept: Limited edition of cute, teddy bears with warm, touching names. These toys immediately become collectible items after sale.

6th place - Kaleo Yuvidiha, Thailand. Dietrich Mateschitz, Austria. $ 3.1 billion, $ 3 billion (respectively)

The idea: To athletes and night-timers to sell a sugar-caffeine-rich energy drink that's rich in vitamin B.

7th place - Mario Moretti Poligatto. Italy. $ 3 billion

Concept: To produce footwear that is designed for people suffering from the smell of sweat on their feet. Special insoles with small holes in the sole help to avoid unpleasant odors.

8th place - James Dyson. Great Britain. $ 1.6 billion

Concept: creating a powerful vacuum cleaner that is able to suck in dust at a speed of 320 km / h and above. This speed allows the dust to be packed tightly and makes it impossible to eject it outside.

9th place - Hans and Paul Reigeli, Germany. $ 1.5 billion (each)

Concept: Selling sugary gummies in a variety of shapes.

10th place - Howard Schultz, $ 1.1 billion

The idea: every corner of the American home should have its own coffee shop.