20 words you didn't know (Learning new words)

20 words you didn't know. but this is not a problem since we will learn new words now)

1. Mimicry - stimulation.

2. Columella - space between the noses.

3. Frappirovat - unpleasant surprise.

4. Friscon - chills while listening to music that you like.

5. Kurezh - unconstrained-disconnected behavior, feigned courage.

6. Monogamy - the ability to love one single person all his life.

7. Philophobia - collection of sound recordings.

8. Creed - worldview, beliefs.

9. To defile - to walk solemnly, to march.

10. Sentiments - feeling; The manifestation of excessive sensitivity in words, deeds.

11. Prevention - Prevention, Preservation, Prevention.

12. Logo - verse, bolt; long meaningless speeches pronounced by speakers.

13. Synopsis - presentation of a certain topic in a highly compressed and generalized form.

14. Mediator - a third neutral, independent person (mediator, conciliator), helping the parties to resolve the existing conflict, dispute.

15. Altryism is an endless care and actions that a person does for the good of others, without thinking about himself.

16. To impress - to make a positive impression, to inspire respect, to please.

17. Kipper - a leather loop on the belt that holds the free tip of the strap.

18. Fatalism - the idea of ​​the inevitability of everything that happens in nature and in human life, excluding accident and freedom.

19. Lability - the ability to change, instability, mobility of the physical or emotional state of a person.

20. Hospice is a medical institution in which terminally ill people receive the necessary help and care.