Thai massage courses at Sex Education Center

This is a rather specific procedure. But if you decide to have a Thai massage with a real massage therapist (and it is not easy to find one), you will know unearthly bliss. Therefore, we appeal to professionals that they will conduct Thai massage courses at the Love Is Sexual Education Center and thereby help you master the basics of Thai massage.

Thai massage is one of the oldest healing practices, containing: deep pressure on the muscles, stretching the joints, activating the energy balance in the body. Massage was used in ancient Indian and Chinese traditional medicine about 2500 years ago and is still very popular in Thailand.

As in the practice of acupuncture, Thai massage has a concept of energy balance - a person's vital energy runs through the “sen” energy channels. It is believed that the cause of all physical and mental illnesses is a violation of the energy balance. When the imbalance is eliminated, the disease also disappears. Pressure on special channels (there are 10 of them in Thai massage in total), and work with muscles activates their movement, a full-fledged energy balance is restored, and health is regained.

How is the procedure actually going? Should Thai masseurs, due to the specifics of their work, touch the client for indecent parts of the body? What is it like, a real Thai massage?

The client and the masseur are fully clothed during the session, only the feet are exposed. In the process of work, the masseur does not touch the intimate parts of the client's body. And the massage parlor itself is additionally enclosed by a screen.

The session lasts 1-3 hours. The client, dressed in light trousers and a T-shirt, lies down on a specially prepared mat. The masseur, instead of the standard stroking movements and pinching, immediately switches to stretching, twisting and pressing, and for the massage he uses not only his hands, but also his elbows, knees and even feet.

The massage begins with light pressure on the soles of the feet, which are responsible for the relaxation of the body. Smooth movements, passing at the same pace, gradually change the activity of the brain, putting it into a dormant mode of operation.

The massage therapist imperceptibly moves from one movement to the next. The massage affects the skeleton, which is inaccessible to conventional massage. They gradually relax and the body returns to normal. Thai massage uses the whole body, from heels to head, even the most hidden muscle clamps are carefully and carefully worked out. The work of the nervous and cardiovascular system improves, blood flow increases, and due to it the muscles relax even deeper. the massage therapist in his movements rises from the legs to the head, by that time the neck and head are already relaxed. The final facial massage relieves tension, puffiness.

The best Thai massage is done in Thailand. You can't go wrong, especially since Thai massage has become an official form of medicine in Thailand.