Crazy Ants (Article)

Americans have been plagued by a natural disaster called Crazy Ants. Insects of an unknown species invaded Texas and Florida, which do not move like ordinary ants - in columns, but without any order - in groups of several hundred thousand individuals.

Insects seem to cover everything that comes their way. Crazy ants attack animals, plants. There were even attacks on people. They sneak into homes and cause fires because they cause short circuits in electrical wiring.

Getting rid of these hordes is difficult. Even the most expensive chemicals are powerless in the fight against crazy ants, which are amazingly resilient, multiply quickly and are not susceptible to poisons. Eyewitnesses say that it resembles a scene from a horror - nasty insects swarm across the fields and streets.

Beekeepers and farmers suffer the most - parasites kill bees, destroy crops, take into the respiratory tract of domestic animals and livestock, from which they die.

Nothing like this has been observed before. Some believe that they brought in ants from Latin America or the Caribbean.

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