Children's hospital turned into a "Lullaby Factory"

A unique children's hospital was built in London, which is able to lull its patients to sleep with the help of various lullabies.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital recently received a new acoustic setup called the Lullaby Factory. The installation is thirty-two meters long and covers all ten floors of the hospital. This installation was designed and installed by Studio Weave, an English architectural company.

The sounds of this installation fill the entire hospital space with lullabies that are heard only inside the building. The list of songs was compiled by Jessica Kerry, an acoustic artist. The melodies are heard in those wards where they have auditory tubes, in other rooms - through the hidden loudspeakers of the internal relay network.

To install the system, the hospital had to be overhauled. Now the hospital has turned into a fairy tale: something fantastic and unimaginable.

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