The benefits of beer and how to use it in the home

It turns out that beer can be very useful not only for its intended purpose, but also in domestic conditions. For example, under the influence of intoxication, the skin becomes softer and softer. To do this, you need to pour two glasses of beer into the bath and enjoy the effect. Also, with the help of such a bath, you can get rid of psoriasis and other skin diseases.

If a stain suddenly appears on the carpet or clothes, then you need to moisten it with beer and wipe it, and wash it after a few hours.

You can marinate meat for barbecue in beer. It becomes very soft and protected from carcinogens.

If you place bowls filled with beer around your garden, you can get rid of some pests, because they are very fond of beer. You can also lure annoying midges into a can of beer. Here is such a little advice for a farmer, it will also not be superfluous to buy a walk-behind tractor in Kiev to maximize the saving of your energy and time.

Beer can be used to clean gold jewelry. It is necessary to dip them into the intoxicating liquid for a few minutes, then take them out and wipe them with a dry cloth.

Also, beer is suitable for polishing wood furniture that has lost its luster. You just need to wipe it with a cloth soaked in beer.