What did Coco Chanel give women? (Article)

In the history of the development of fashion of the twentieth century, Coco Chanel ranks first by right - a talented fashion designer, a beautiful woman and an ardent revolutionary in the field of clothing for women.

Coco borrowed a pocket from the man's suit. In her opinion, a pocket in a woman's dress is very convenient and necessary. She also equipped handbags with pockets.

Coco used well-promoted stars for PR, while other designers used only professional fashion models. This is where the "face of the company" came from.

During her fame, Coco went on a steamer to sail around the world, where she was badly sunburned. After that, she is considered the "mom" of the fashion for swarthiness.

Chanel brought independent and unmarried businesswoman into fashion. The designer herself has never been married.

It is impossible not to mention the famous little black dress, which emphasizes the slimness of the figure and does not hide the legs.

Many said that the mindset for Chanel was masculine, she had a very great inner strength. In general, she was very different from her contemporaries. She introduced a trouser suit for women. Many at first refused to wear it, but now almost every modern girl or woman has such a suit.

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