Nylon Stockings (Origin Story)

Women's nylon stockings, like all other things, have their own history. Nylon itself is a polyamide fiber that has many trade names: nylon, anid, perlon, silon, dederon, niplon, amilan, etc.

And it was invented by a chemist from America named W. Carothers. The scientist received in the distant one thousand nine hundred and thirtieth year a synthetic substance that contained long molecular chains. A month later, Carothers's assistant noticed that long threads could be pulled out of the substance obtained - a sticky mass.

But initially, fibrous samples were susceptible to a variety of solvents and melted very easily. It took seven long years to perfect this fiber. Carothers, unfortunately, did not live to see success. The chemist was prone to deep depression, so in 1937 he committed suicide. A year later, the first nylon toothbrush appeared. Two years later, they began to produce nylon stockings. All over the country they were put on sale on one day - the fifteenth of May 1940. During this year, these stockings were sold - as many as sixty-four million pairs.

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