Who gets wetter?

Someone likes to listen to the sound of rain on the windowsill or watch it through one of the plastic windows, someone loves to hide under an umbrella to jump through puddles, but almost no one likes to get wet in the rain, especially when it is autumn and the weather is pretty cool.

Some argue that if it is raining and you do not have an umbrella, then if you run, you will get less wet than walking at a normal pace. According to another version, the opposite is true.

To find out the truth, scientists conducted an experiment by taking three volunteers and dressing them in the same clothes, after weighing it. In the rain, they were released to walk a distance of one kilometer: one should walk at a regular pace (one meter per second), the second should jog (two meters per second), the third should run very fast (six meters per second).

After the finish, wet clothes were weighed - the fastest runner got wet least of all, then the one who jogged and most of all the one who walked.

The bottom line is this: you will get wet anyway, but it is better to jog - you will sweat and squelch less in the puddles, thereby getting wet from behind.