You are less beautiful than you think (Article)

Many people think that they look prettier and better than they really are. This applies to both appearance and character. Scientists from Chicago decided to find out how strongly this overestimation manifests itself and whether it can be hidden with high-quality cosmetics that are sold in many stores like this

Scientists took photos of several volunteers, after which they corrected all the defects in the appearance of people on a computer. Each volunteer was given two photos - one real, the second with retouching (yellow teeth, wrinkles and other little things were removed) and asked to determine where the original was. The majority chose the retouching option.

Then outsiders were asked to look at the volunteers and select the original. Basically, no one was wrong and made the right choice.

People choose better photos because they sincerely believe they are what they look like. People often overestimate something: their salaries, prices for things, donations to charity. But all the figures of friends predict with amazing accuracy.

Now many people exaggerate their merits, because unconsciously trying to deceive others, we try to seem more interesting and better for them.