Healthy Sleep (Interesting Facts)

Tasmanian scientists have concluded that people who regularly eat spicy foods (especially chili peppers) strengthen the nerves and do not endanger the digestive system. They tend to get much better rest and sleep better than those who don't.

The longest sleep-deprived person ever recorded is eighteen days, twenty-one hours and forty-two minutes. It was possible to identify this record in the competition for the longest sitting on a rocking chair. The winner of the symptoms had only partial amnesia, hallucinations and temporary loss of vision.

A person should fall asleep for ten to fifteen minutes, and if this happens faster, then he has a lack of sleep. If the time is optimal, then at night you will have a sound sleep, and during the day you will not feel tired and stay awake for a long time.

After the birth of a child, parents lose about four hundred to seven hundred and fifty hours of sleep during the year.

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