What was the recipe for mascara in ancient China?

Our generation hardly used ink for writing letters, but they certainly heard about it. But our parents probably managed to use it at school. It can also be used by artists or draftsmen. So, in an ordinary carcass there is a very simple and well-known composition that has never been hidden from anyone: resins, vegetable oils and soot.

This recipe has hardly changed over the years. Unless before soot was taken from burned coniferous trees, and closer to our time they began to use burnt oil or petroleum products. But this has not always been the case.

The production of ink in ancient China for the needs of the people involved in calligraphy was kept in the strictest confidence. Only the initiated knew the cherished recipe.

A recipe from the nine hundredth year BC was found, which uses six hundred grams of pine wood soot, twenty-eight grams of camphor with a certain amount of varnish and crushed jadeite, eighty-five grams of crushed mother-of-pearl. Mix and crush all this 100, 000 times.

And so we decided on the recipe for the carcass, but there are also a lot of kitchen recipes that will help Bosch food processors, which simplify and speed up the work in the kitchen.