5 most respectable thieves (Interesting selection)

An interesting selection of the 5 most respectable thieves, whose stories are described below:

1. A thief who stole a laptop of a professor at the Swedish University Umeå returned all its contents on a flash drive. When the professor discovered the missing laptop, he fell into a state of shock, because there were records of 10 years of work. However, the thief turned out to be so decent that some time later he returned the flash drive to the professor, where all the information was copied.

2. An armed robber burst into one of the houses of Lower Saxony. While he threatened the nanny with a pistol, two 7-year-old children brought him all their savings so that he would leave the woman alone. The robber was so moved by this act that he left home without taking a penny.

3. In October 2011, a thief stole 2 mobile phones and a wallet from a parked car. When he looked into one of the phones, he saw pictures of child pornography there. This instilled in him such a strong disgust that he surrendered to the authorities to help investigate the case. With the assistance of a thief, a 46-year-old man was arrested. As a reduced punishment, the failed thief was sentenced to only a month in prison and a fine.

4. A thief from Saudi Arabia, who remained unknown, returned jewelry stolen from him more than 10 years ago to the real owner. According to the owner of the jewelry, they knocked on his door in the middle of the night, opening the door, he found a strange bag on the threshold, which contained jewelry, as well as a letter of apology.

5. The Brazilian who stole the car returned the car to its owner after he called the cell phone left in the car and told the thief that he was going through financial difficulties.