Fur coat history (Interesting article)

The word "fur coat" came to Russia from the Arabic language, so it is customary to think that the Arabs invented it. But the Arabs called woolen clothes with sleeves, caftans, for example, as fur coats. The masters of this nationality were the first to think of decorating the sides and sleeves of fur coats with sable and marten furs. And it so happened that the Russians gave furs, and the Arabs gave the name to this garment.

According to another version, the idea of ​​a fur coat belongs to the Chinese. The nobility of China wore rather light fur coats, on which one could still wear a couple of the same. When fur coat fashion came to Russia, the boyars put on two fur coats at once. In Russia, almost everyone wore fur coats: from tsars to peasants. The only difference was in the quality of the fur. Those who were richer wore ermine, wolf, squirrel, arctic fox, beaver, marten and sable. And the peasants were content with sheepskin and hares. The lower classes created the first versions of sheepskin coats - sheepskin coats were fur inside. The nobles wore fur outside, while the inside was trimmed with first-class velvet.

In the eighteenth century, it became fashionable to wear a fur coat outside with fur. Approximately at this time she became a luxury item. To emphasize their status, a fur coat was worn in the summer.

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