What is laughter? (Informative article)

Sometimes you tell something so funny and the people around you don't laugh. Or come across those who laugh for any reason. Why is this happening?

Laughter is a reflection of our emotions. Only tickling can mechanically excite laughter. But this is just a reaction to an external stimulus.

Real laughter is involuntary. On our planet, a person is the only creature who, with the help of laughter, expresses his emotions. Children can laugh from the age of four months. And as soon as someone laughs, those around them pick up this wave of nannies sitting with children, I can easily confirm this.

Scientists have studied laughter for ten years and said that we laugh not because of jokes, but laughter reflects our attitude to events. After all, not everyone laughs at clowns, falling people. Psychologists say that laughter is a social act. Watching a comedy alone, you are unlikely to laugh out loud, and when watching with friends, any joke will cause a lot of emotions.