February 29 (Informative article)

February 29 pleases us with its presence only once every four years. Many people attribute mysticism, magic and sorcery to this day. And what about those who were born that day?

The probability of being born on a leap day is 1: 1500. Usually, people born on this day celebrate their birthday on February 28 or March 1, some once every four years.

It is not recommended to mark in advance, since it is believed that this takes away health and years of life.

Numerologists believe that this day occurs every year, but in other cases it lasts only one minute - from 0, 00 to 0, 01. Not enough for a holiday. So it is better to celebrate your non-standard birthday on the first spring day.

Astrologers say that on February 29, unusual people are born who have two guardian angels. It is believed that they age more slowly - in four years, only one year. They can have the gift of foresight, so it is worth listening to the advice of such a person.

In Russia, earlier on this day, some kind of misfortune always happened, so no one liked this day, no business was assigned to it.

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