Table etiquette rules around the world

People love to relax in different countries, but many of us do not know how to behave at the table in this or that country. Here's a quick list that you might find useful.

After you have eaten sushi, sticks should be placed on a special stand parallel to the edge of the table. If you cross your chopsticks on an empty plate, it will be a sign of funeral in Japan. Also, do not stick cutlery into a bowl of rice. This means the same as in the previous case.

In Brazilian restaurants, each table has a token that is different on both sides - red and green. If it is turned green, then the waiter will serve you food without stopping until you turn it over to the red side.

In India, it will be terribly offended if you eat with your left hand in a public place. And in general in this country it is not worth giving anything with the left hand. For left-handers, the rule is the opposite - on the right hand.

In Italy, cappuccino is never drunk after dinner. The time for this drink is morning. For breakfast, it is consumed both empty and with a croissant. This is due to the high calorie content of the drink, so in the evening you can feel the heaviness from it.

Parmesan cheese is never added to pasta or pizza, it goes as an independent product. So you shouldn't demand it for the ordered dish from the waiter.

In Thailand, you cannot eat with a fork. She only serves to help fill her spoon. Also, dishes with rice cannot be eaten with chopsticks. All this is bad form.

In Ukraine, everything is simpler and for those who are going to get out to the sea, we suggest reading the article posted here, it will help you to spend your vacation as brightly as possible.