Does the weather affect your memory?

Sometimes we remember something distinctly in details, and something vaguely or even forget. Why is this happening? Scientists have found that memory is more susceptible to small details in people in bad weather. When it snows, hails or rains outside, people often look at store windows and remember their contents much better.

In cloudy weather, shop windows attract people three times more than in clear and sunny weather. The explanation of this fact is simple human psychology - in inclement weather, you want to hide from the cold or rain in these stores.

At birth, there are fourteen billion cells in the human brain. Their number does not increase, but decreases until death. After twenty-five years, cells are reduced by one hundred thousand per day. About fifty cells die in a minute of reading. Brain degradation picks up dramatically after forty years, and after fifty - the volume of the brain decreases and neurons dry out.