History of Golf (Small sporting article)

In many countries, golf is very common. Of course, it has its own story.

The essence of the popular game is very simple: the player has to hit with a club so that a small ball set on a dais (a pile of sand) hits the hole. There are eighteen tracks on the course that lead to the holes. All of them must be passed in such a way as to spend a minimum of time and make a minimum of strikes.

The author of golf is Scotland (some people tend to think that Denmark). But similar games were observed for a long time in different nations.

In the thirties of the twentieth century, wooden sticks were replaced by steel ones. The balls used to be gutta-percha, and since 1898 they have become rubber (patented technology).

In 1920, a wooden ball stand was invented by an American dentist. This was in order not to constantly pour sand piles and not get your hands dirty.

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