Benefits of spring water

The usefulness and taste of spring water depends on the layers of soil through which it has passed. The best soils are those that contain a large amount of silver. There are also soils that are rich in sulfur and organic matter. Even known sources contain traces of animal urine and waste from various factories and plants.

To prevent a person's skin from fading, nails to break and hair to grow dull, there is no colic and constipation, for the brain to work well, you need to drink at least two liters of water a day. If a person consumes a lot of water, then his urine becomes almost transparent.

If you boil water, the salts of heavy metals will become even more harmful. Scale and white deposits are calcium and magnesium salts. They are considered the most beneficial substances in water.

It is better to drink or buy water purified by a filter. Bottled table water - from the tap, only distilled and enriched with mineral salts. Mineral - from the source.

Drinking constantly is harmful, because water disrupts digestion, diluting gastric juice. We all know about the purity of spring water, but for those who do not have the opportunity to collect clean water, we recommend installing one of the high-quality filters, the catalog of which is on the website:, where you I will advise on the best and help you choose the best.