Secrets of cucumbers (Interesting article)

A cucumber is not considered an exotic vegetable in view of the fact that we are always accustomed to seeing it in our garden beds or on store shelves, as well as on our kitchen table and in the refrigerator. Even in winter, it is not a problem to purchase this vegetable. So, many people are simply sure that this is a Russian vegetable, and its name has truly Slavic roots. But this word - "cucumber" has Greek roots, and it itself comes from the word "aoros", which is translated from Greek as unripe.

If you think about it, then by some standards it is unripe, because it is green. When it ripens, it becomes yellow and thick. But such cucumbers are no longer used for food. Nowadays, cucumbers are very popular - they are used in various salads, vegetable dishes, salted for the winter, eaten just like a snack (to a glass of vodka or moonshine). By the way, the latter is already an unspoken symbol of the Russian people.

A cucumber is ninety-six or ninety-seven percent water and therefore is a nutritious product. But it contains a lot of mineral salts of potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and iodine, vital to the human body. The usefulness of a cucumber is not less than the usefulness of citrus fruits, carrots, onions or tomatoes.

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