The right sleep routine (Article)

Sleeping in a noisy room and not waking up from this is very harmful to the immune system. Noises are especially harmful to the body in the first and last two hours of sleep. Even the light of an electric alarm clock shining on a sleeping person can disrupt sleep patterns.

This happens unconsciously, but these interferences in the brain seem to turn off the sleep mode and reduce the concentration of substances that stimulate sleep.

Children and adolescents should sleep for ten hours, and the elderly for six hours. Eight hours of sleep is most appropriate for middle age. Sleep deprivation in young people has a greater impact on labor productivity than in adults.

To avoid mental illness and depression, women need to sleep an hour longer than men.

If a person does not sleep for seventeen hours or more, then his condition becomes similar to alcohol intoxication. 1/5 of accidents happen because the drivers are tired. But without this, few people managed to fall asleep in a deep child's sleep in noisy places.