Romantic chocolate shoes for women

Women are full of desires, but not everything and not always can be fulfilled. But on the eighth day of March, many will try to please their ladies. Dallas pastry chef Andrea Pedrazza creates women's chocolate shoes that are known for the weaker sex as an amazing gift. The craftswoman scrupulously reproduces all the elements of the models of popular designers of women's shoes.

Long before the holidays, orders are pouring into Andrey. To produce “sweet” shoes, a woman uses special plastic matrices, and also takes into account even the smallest shaped details. For example, the famous “Louboutins” are also crafted with a red sole, which is the result of glazing in this passionate shade. But also the pastry chef takes into account the wishes of customers, so her shoes can be in any color, with stripes, polka dots or animal color.

Most of the clients are male, although the manufactured goods are intended for a lady. Andrea says that men very often take her shoes as a gift and take off on the wings of happiness, hoping to conquer their beloved. What could be more magical and romantic than such an act?

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