Father of many children from Uganda left 158 ​​children behind

The world-famous father of many children from Uganda left behind 158 children and more than half a thousand grandchildren. For the first time, the loving African Jack Kikongo from Uganda was talked about fifteen years ago, when he was eighty-eight years old. It was then that he got married again. The wedding was anniversary - the twentieth in a row. The spouse of an old man, who already has one hundred and fifty children, was a young eighteen-year-old girl. This sensation did not pass by any journalist, therefore it was very vigorously covered in the press.

Until the end of his life, the Ugandan managed to make eight more children. As a result, Jack Kikingo became the record holder among all fathers in the world - one hundred and fifty-eight children. His funeral was attended by the surviving wives (eleven), almost all the children and most of the grandchildren, of whom there are about five hundred.

The man became a World War II veteran. When he returned home, he managed to amass a decent fortune, thanks to which he fed a constantly expanding family and taught children to do sports exercises for children to develop their physical strength and endurance.