People are more attractive in the summer.

Research results show that people look much more attractive, healthier and sexier in the summer.

To determine whether seasons affect human appearance, experts decided to interview about two thousand adult respondents. All participants in this survey were offered to view photographs of four men and as many women who were photographed in summer and winter. Seventy-three percent considered summer photos to be better than winter ones. Seventy-two percent noticed that summer photos are happier, and people in them are more joyful and friendly. Fifty percent said people looked much healthier in summer shots, and thirty-seven percent said people looked more confident in warmer photos.

Almost all respondents reported that women look more attractive in the summer. Every six in ten respondents say that men look better in summer too. Only two percent were comfortable in winter.

Without hiding behind hats and scarves, feeling light and relaxed, people look better. It is also noted that it is best to meet someone in the summer or embellish yourself with exquisite earrings at manufacturer prices. You can find out more about how much it costs on the website: