Music in all its forms

Music has always accompanied people, so scientists became interested in what appeared earlier: music or a person.

In ancient times, when people still did not know how to speak, they used sounds - they lingeringly uttered consonants, which could be similar to the first music. Also, in case of danger, they knocked with sticks on stones or trees, which vaguely resembles modern drums.

This means that music was invented by man.

But an interesting experiment, when a mother with an eight-month-old baby was put in a room and given to listen to a standard set of notes. While everything sounded right, the child played with a teddy bear, and when out of tune, he looked at the turntable. No one taught the child music, but he felt harmony and reacted if it disappeared.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that when patients come out of a coma, they play their favorite music so that they recover faster, or those who are paralyzed and cannot speak can sing. Moreover, the words are pronounced clearly and fall in time.

Could this be proof that music was put into a person long before the ability to write it down with notes?

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