The ship of the future "Earthrace"

The first ship of the future has already been created and made several sea voyages. This is a cross between a ship and an airplane and translates as a sea arrow. This is an amazing and fast enough ship able to overcome big waves, but for short distances. Due to its appearance and design features, the Earthrace vessel can develop excellent speed. Its hull is capable of submerging in waves, but the most striking characteristic of this vessel is its durability.

The ship's hull is made of carbon. Another feature of the Earthrace is its economical biofuel propulsion system. To cross the globe, this vessel will need only one container of such fuel, which is made from soybean oil and reduces harmful carbon dioxide emissions into the environment by up to 75 percent.

In the future, such sea vessels will become commonplace, and besides, experiments are already being carried out on the developed unit that is being obtained! Biofuels made from algae.