Lake Vostok in Antarctica

Scientists were able to discover a number of lakes under the ice of Antarctica. About four hundred and eighty kilometers from the South Pole there is a lake called "Vostok", the area of ​​which is not less than Lake Chad. Its length is two hundred and thirty kilometers, and its width is fifty, and its depth is five hundred meters. Ice extends almost four kilometers up over the lake. The lake is two or three hundred thousand years old. All this time, the water did not have the opportunity to come into contact with the atmosphere. The lakes were discovered by a satellite during radar surveys and the drilling was stopped two hundred and fifty meters from the Vostok.

Experts think that living organisms unknown to us live in the lake, so a competition has been announced for the best idea: how to take a water sample and prevent contact with the atmosphere.

According to the satellite, the water temperature was established: it is approximately from plus ten to plus eighteen degrees Celsius. This is an amazing fact. It is possible that under the dome of ice there can be both animals and vegetation.

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