The most dangerous professions

The most dangerous are the professions of rescuers, sappers, firefighters, policemen. But often quiet office professions are also at greater risk.

Office workers can be seriously injured through their own fault and from the boss, angry clients or the police. The former are secretaries, couriers, cleaners, system administrators, engineers, and the latter are deputy managers, lawyers, accountants. The injuries confirm the ambulance reports.

Secretaries often suffer from burns because they spill hot tea, coffee, cups of soup. They can also carry something heavy for the boss, drop it and break their legs. Or hit your head on the countertop. It even happens that when the window is opened, the poorly adhered frame falls on the head, causing a concussion. Hurrying girls often rush through glass doors, knocking out their teeth and breaking their noses.

Couriers in our country are robbed like this: they order goods via the Internet, write the address of a rented apartment, where he comes to deliver it. But there the courier is beaten and the goods are taken away. Catching scoundrels is almost impossible, since they constantly change apartments.

Couriers in a hurry are more likely to hit cars, violating traffic rules.

The accountants are attacked by bandits and fraudsters, they are accused of embezzlement of funds, dark financial transactions.

Engineers fall from heights, they are dragged into machines, hit with electricity, furniture falls on them.