Who is a shopaholic?

"Shopaholic" - what is it? Another American buzzword or mental disorder?

New Orleans scientists say that after some kind of trauma, a person begins to look for help in drugs, games, alcohol. Shopaholism is no different from all this. To drown out the growing nervous tension, they resort to any methods that can lead to the fact that a person becomes a psychological hostage of this ailment.

If a person is inexorably drawn to buy at least something, be it food or medicine, then this is shopaholism, because with this diagnosis the purchase process itself is satisfying, and not the pleasure of the purchased item. If you buy something that you do not need, but just like that, then this is an accurate sign of an incipient addiction. If after the purchase you feel pleasure and are happy to return home, then there is no danger.

If a shopaholic does not receive purchases, then he falls into despondency, depression, stops sleeping and eating. The state is similar to withdrawal. And after the next purchase, all symptoms disappear.

This is not just a bad habit, this is a real addiction that must be combated. An exception is visiting an online store (for example luchshe-net.com) to buy really important things, which can simplify life and save on other costs.