The new perfume is intended for intellectuals

For many of us, the smell of perfume is very important, because it can tell a lot about a person. Now, by smell, it will be possible to recognize the addictions of the carrier of the smell. The new perfume of the Germans is specially designed for book lovers and all other lovers of the smell of freshly printed paper, which will smell like a new perfume called "Paper Passion", which means "paper passion" in English.

Gerhard Steild is the German publisher behind this idea. He entrusted this project to Shen, a recognized perfume master, who said that the fragrance did not come out right away, but only from the seventeenth attempt. So the project was attended by such persons as the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, who created the packaging in the form of a book with a linen binding, and Günter Grass, the Nobel Prize winner in the field of literature, who composed a small poetic dedication.