Kok-sagyz dandelion tires

In nature, there are several varieties of dandelions: the most famous is the medicinal one, which has long been used for salads and tea. It is an excellent diuretic and tonic. There is also a Russian or dandelion called kok-sagyz. By its properties, it resembles rubber, which is extracted from the hevea tree. As you know, rubber is the main component for the production of automobile tires.

The company Bridgestone Americas deeply engaged in the study of the second species of dandelion, which was discovered in 1932 in Kazakhstan (then supplies of Hevea were carried out from Southeast Asia, then they were suspended. Therefore, the USSR was forced to look for its own source of this material) and later began to be used as raw materials for the manufacture of good quality automotive rubber. After several tests, the scientists decided to continue studying this material in Tokyo laboratories and by 2014 to present the first results.