Demonstration of a wedding dress with a balloon

A young Romanian girl could not resist the upcoming fame and agreed to an advertising campaign to set another world record. Three months of painstaking work of hundreds of craftswomen and needlewomen, as well as huge investments contributed to the preparation of a wedding dress for the bride, which took first place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The train of the festive outfit was three kilometers, so to demonstrate her outfit, the bride took to the skies over Bucharest in a hot air balloon. This spectacle from the ground was watched by a large audience, including relatives and simple onlookers, who filmed everything on video cameras.

The bride was a seventeen-year-old model from Romania - Emma Dumitrescu. She later told reporters that she was the happiest bride in the world. Emotions during the flight were simply indescribable.

Prior to this event, the record belonged to the Netherlands. The trail of now second place is two kilometers and four hundred and eighty-eight meters.

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