Koreans' life expectancy is increasing

As it turns out, South Korea has a very good life expectancy. The results of 2005 showed an average age of 77.9 years.

And everything happens because Koreans are obsessed with health. They only eat what may be good for their health, and they also exercise a lot. And now it's not just about the younger generation. If at five in the morning you go to the Hangang River, which is located in Seoul, you can immediately understand why life expectancy is so long and its growth is predicted in the coming years.

So, what can you see on this river? Runners who perform morning jogging on specially designated paths, cyclists, roller skaters. There are also publicly available simulators - horizontal bars and dumbbells, on which whole queues line up, mainly from pensioners.

The state also takes care of its citizens and opens new fitness centers and outdoor sports grounds. Each area has a pool that is affordable for local residents.

At this rate, the average life expectancy by 2020 will increase to 81 years, by 2030 - 81.9, by 2050 - 83.3.

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