The history of the creation of famous songs

All people listen to music, the only difference is in the preferred directions, styles and genres. But there are also such cult songs that, even after the death of the performers, do not lose their popularity, continuing to inspire and excite people. Now we will talk about some of the nuances that were present in the creation of the famous masterpieces.

Billy Jean Michael Jackson wrote thanks to a girl who stalked Michael and assured her that her son was his child. The singer's nerves were already shaken, and after that he fell into a deep depression, from which he got out thanks to this song.

Nirvana also got Smells like a teen spirit thanks to a girl. At that time, a female deodorant called "The Smell of Youth" was produced, and Kurt Cobain's girlfriend, Hana, smelled the famous smell, got jealous of him and wrote near his house "Kurt stinks of youth", which in English looks like "Curt smells like a teen spirit" ...

The song "07" Vladimir Vysotsky wrote after the first quarrel with his wife - Marina Vlady. The reason was the singer's drunkenness. In the morning Vladimir found a note "Don't look for me." Marina left for Rome, where she lived for a long time in a hotel. One day they gave her the phone, saying that her husband was calling. The woman, by her excited nervous speech, began to suspect her husband of drunkenness and was about to hang up when the telephone operator intervened, saying that her husband had been looking for his wife every day for a whole month, and did not drink at all.

The line the fireman gave me a certificate that your house burned down "from the song by Nautilus Pompilius" I want to be with you "appeared due to the fact that Butusov met a girl in his youth, and then he was taken into the army, where the girl began to write him letters. But he didn't answer. In the last letter, the girl wrote that she would commit suicide if he did not answer again. Again there was no answer. And upon arrival home, Vyacheslav found out that the girl had burned herself in public.

The films also have their own history of creation, and this film Safe Harbor (2013) has an interesting story to watch online, which can be found on the website, which posts the latest news.