Muay Thai as part of Thai culture

Thai boxing is one of the most effective and perfect martial arts. In terms of cruelty, he has no analogues with other types of boxing sports. Therefore, it is of interest to scientists and historians, but the history of its development is still a mystery.

This boxing is called Muay Thai, which arose more than two thousand years ago. For Thais, this is part of philosophy and culture, not just a sport. The holiday of this sport is celebrated every year on the seventeenth of March.

First, the Wai Kru ritual is performed - a national dance performed to melodic music. From such a smooth dance, one cannot even guess what can be seen after it. The Muay Thai technique is known for very strong and quick punches, punches, knees and kicks. Many people confirm that this is the most spectacular and striking type of martial arts. Statistics show that at least twelve athletes die every year in this sport.

It is also called "boxing eight-armed", and the indigenous people of Thailand call it "fighting with the power of the spirits." They believe that the Ram Muay dance evokes ancestral spirits. Many believe that spirits can lead a fighter into a trance, where he does not feel pain.

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